Why Would A Business Use Cell Phone Spyware?

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cell phoneIt’s actually quite simple. You’ve just watched your fiftieth episode of Shark Tank. You’re inspired. You’ve got your product, you work hard, you slowly build your business with passion, and suddenly, guess what? You have a business. You have employees. And now you have to deal with expensive things, like employee health insurance, 401k requests, and a paid vacation. How do you keep your head above water, still compete, and always turn a profit?

One thing you don’t want to happen is a rogue employee destroying what you’ve so carefully built. It happens. Did you know social media can make or break a company these days? For example, you can reach thousands of new customers through a corporate give away and increase traffic to your website with one Facebook post. On the other hand, you can have one bad tweet from a disgruntled employee, and that can destroy your business reputation.

Workplace unhappiness can be a source of major stress in many people’s lives. Whether an employee thinks she isn’t getting paid enough, a lack of health insurance, bad feelings among co-workers, or a tense relationship with a boss, people aren’t immune to ill feelings from the workplace.cell phone

Have you ever wondered how to spy on a cell phone? As a boss who distributes company-issued phones, you have every right.

Here are some scenarios why someone would an employer would want to track a mobile phone:

1. You’re seeing an unusual amount of charges to the company cell phone bill that are overseas, but you’ve disabled that overseas account. Why is there still communications?
2. Your employee is always late to meetings. When she finally shows up, she’s full of excuses and you noticed she’s got a hot latte in her hand. How long was she really at Starbucks when she said she woke up late?
3. Your delivery guy isn’t making the deliveries at the times that he promised, and your customers are complaining.
4. Your best driver is suddenly a distracted driver, and he’s causing danger on the road because he’s texting when he’s should be paying attention, which is a company liability.
5. When you asked your best marketing expert to update the company social media pages, you catch her updating her personal social media pages instead.

Bottom line is…your bottom line. The work isn’t getting done. Your employees are taking advantage. A spy app like SurePoint Spy can do the following on a company-issued cell phone:
-see all call logs so you know exactly who your employee is calling, and receiving calls from
-track an employee’s location using the GPS locator feature
-see all email correspondence to make sure only business is being conducted
-see all social media activity, including Facebook, Skype, Instagram and Whatsapp, so you can ensure that your company website and social pages are being updated, and your employee isn’t Tweeting about the Yankees

It’s important for a company to stay on top of their employees in these uncertain economic times, and SurePoint spy app for cell phones can help any business do that.